Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

SUN MOON LAKE 1957 island-wide Protestant missionary conference. Jody and Britt attended for their first time. Among the many attending were the grandson and great-grandson of James Hudson Taylor. founder of China Inland Mission. The following year, due to a typhoon at the close of the conference, we flew off the lake in a sea plane to Taipei and then on to our home in Keelung. A sea plane lift is not at all like today's jets. Sun Moon Lake village had the look of a Japanese country town. Japan owned Taiwan from 1905 until 1945 used it as a holiday spot. Japan also had Korea as a colony during the same time, mistreating the people of both countries. 1957-1966 the Towerys lived, worked, taught and studied in Taipei, Keelung, Pingtung and Kaohsiung.

Towery and their two adopted daughters, Linda and Patricia, transferred to Hong Kong, serving at Pui Ching Middle School, Hong Kong Baptist College (now university) and with the North Point Baptist Church (Mandarin-speaking).

1971-73 lived in Houston where Jody taught elementary school and I taught Old and New Testament surveys and World Religions at Houston Baptist College (now university).

1973-1977 back in Hong Kong with Mandarin-speaking minority work and pastor of the English-speaking International Baptist Church, then meeting in the chapel of the Seventh Adventist Hospital.

1977-1982 -- one year as associate pastor of San Antonio's Trinity Baptist Church and four years as pastor of the University Park Baptist Church in the same city. Both daughters married there.

1982-1990 -- back to Hong Kong and began building bridges of understanding between American Christians and churches with the churches of mainland China that began opening in 1979 after 13 years of the Cultural Revolution.

1990-1991 -- in Fort Worth, Texas, as International professor of missions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Astounding students with the great growth of churches in China.

1990-1996 -- Interim director of Asian Studies, Baylor University. Jody taught elementary school in Marlin, Texas.

2000 -- Finally took Jody to New York City on short holiday.

2002-2011 -- Living in San Angelo, Texas.