Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where We've Been . . .

November, 1954, Jody and Britt Towery and the members of the First Baptist Church of San Manuel, Arizona. This was Towery's home and where the church held worship services and two Sunday school classes. Other classes at the local elementary school.

The church building began construction in December of that year. The land was donated by the copper mine and smelter company. After Towerys accepted work in Taiwan in 1957, the church continued to grow (even more) and later built more educational space and a beautiful worship center. We attended the 50th anniversary in 2005. What a treat.

Organization of the Baptist Church in Pingtung, Taiwan. Jody (white blouse) is in front row next to Mrs. Alexander (Nan) Herring and other other fine, inspiring people, . This was 1960.